Functional Illiteracy causes over 93 million U.S. adults serious physical, mental, emotional, medical, and financial problems (at least 34 different types of problems) so severe that we would consider most of these problems a crisis if they occurred to us. In addition, about 600 million of the over 1.3 billion English-speaking people around the world read English so poorly that they have the same types of problems. The good news is that there is a simple, easily-implemented, PROVEN solution to the problem. mail order brides Utility Water Loss or Unaccounted for water is paid for by the consumer in higher rates. Utilities that do not properly track or reduce that loss water are simply passing that cost onto you in Higher Rates. Outbursts in Congress, cursing on the tennis courts, and grabbing the mic from a young award winner; everyone is lamenting our loss of civility as more and more public figures continue to behave badly. To quote my grandmother, “I think someone has forgotten their manners.” It would be easy to go off on a rant about the disrespectful Congressman, the angry athlete or the scene-stealing rapper, but these people are not acting in a cultural vacuum. mail order brides It seems everywhere we look there are tons of news articles. We just can’t get away from it. Every time we go to a home page there is another news article.